The Corrupted Queen

Thankfully, the girl who originally inspired this poem is well out of my life. Though, when I was still bitter about how our friendship ended, I vented it out in this poem. Maybe some of you can relate if you’ve ever had a toxic person in your life who loved to manipulate your feelings. That wound is long healed, though posting this poem may be a final way for me to let everything about her go. I’ve moved on, and don’t let this poem confuse that. Much love and I hope you enjoy,


The Corrupted Queen~~

There once was a Queen who lost all she knew

Sounding familiar?

This victim is you

Once doted, admired, honored by all

How truthful it was that the mighty will fall

You helped all your people through toils and grief

If only they saw the serpent beneath

They saw you as their leader, they would worship at your feet

Though your intents were always manipulative

Your betrayls can’t be beat

Leaving all your morals broken, making you a cheat

You were their caring savior, but trust that you’re no God

For your palace was a prison and your comforts were a fraud

One morning a dark smoke came rolling into town

Your thoughts went to saving none that were around

All you ever needed was your riches and yourself

Concerning all who adored you as dust specs on the shelf

Though you’ve forgotten, you still have to lead

So you declared a hearing for all of those in need

Instead of facing the storm together, working to find another way

You decided to make all those faithful followers the ones that had to pay

Without hesitation, you made up your mind

Having your allies and friends do the dangerous find

No voices spoke, no one dared pick a fight

And with a wave of your hand, you sent them into the night

Ignoring their pleas, you sent them to war

Breaking a bond you could never restore

Final thoughts were spoken, they never broke gaze

The soldiers failed to help you correct your heartless ways

What you forced them into- it truly does amaze

That want and crave for pity, attention, praise and more

Is how you tricked them into fighting and made the bloodshed pour

The knights were too stunned to speak, left frozen where they stood

Assured that as their queen, this request was just and good

Many weeks had passed, none who left returned

Why does this surprise you?

You left them out to burn

Though image had importance, you had to keep up looks

So you chose to throw a banquet and overwork the cooks

There you stood tall, dining with friends

Continuing your shallow and weak works at amends

After that your greed was like a beanstalk, never pausing to grow

Abusing and robbing the townsfolk in more ways than they know

Now you still sit tall on a kingdom of ice

I guess all your pawns never truly sufficed

For here you still are, proud and alone

The bones of your friends make the height of your throne

Through all that companionship, you never felt bound

Simply adding more gems to the top of your crown

Not carefree forever, oh what did you do

That guilt has won the hunt and the hunted is you

Though your city has no barriers, you’re trapped inside your head

Replaying that viscous cycle of all the words you said

Because now the fight is over, the kingdom’s in its grave

You’ve finally reached the end of the selfish path you paved

Please take a look around you and remember what you’ve done

Their stories are much over, but yours has just begun

Your followers are forgotten, their tears have long been shed

You promised to protect them, but still they wound up dead

Though that was just a number on your endless list of lies

An honest friend and leader was your best disguise

At night the kingdom’s quiet, but nothing’s at it seems

You’re still kept and haunted by their never ending screams

But oh don’t forget, through it all you’re the Queen

Though that blood on your hands won’t ever come clean


Thank you for reading to the end! I know it was very lengthy and my punctuation could be better, but I hope you still enjoyed 🙂






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