Awhile back, I wrote this short story about a girl named Jane. It’s very twisted and seemingly Sci-Fy, but I always loved the idea that there is more to life than what we see. That other places, and times and worlds exist that we just can’t get to. Maybe that sounds crazy and maybe some things are best left as stories. That’s for you to decide. Without further ado, this is my story and I hope you enjoy 🙂 Much love,



      There she was, standing on the edge of nothing, watching the Earth turn to light. There wasn’t a soul in sight, for everyone had fled to a different time. Everyone but Jane. See, she wanted to leave with the others, really she did, the problem was that she couldn’t. There’s always been a part of her that fought to stay on the old Earth.

     That’s the truth on how this all started. No big plan, or greater force, just one person who’s heart and head chose their loyalties for reasons unknown to all. Forever, Jane would be trapped between what was right and what was real. Blind faith. That’s not a whole lot to base your whole existence on, though Jane had far more critical issues. Like where she was going to go, how she would survive when all she ever knew was ripped away.

    Jane closed her eyes and for one moment, the chaos was audible. The howling wind and the whistle of the stars falling from the smokey overhead that used to be the sky, echoed throughout her brain.  With the cold air moving briskly against her skin and the blinding light of the scorched sun blazing in her eyes, Jane jumped. In that moment, that one choice, a new time was created. As she slipped away from all that was sure and just, nothing would ever be the same. Earth will soon fade to dust and life won’t carry on. Jane smiled and gave her goodbye, leaving infinity as only a memory


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